Vanpot Holdings

Our Investments


Retail and commercial property in Black River, Mauritius.


Producer and purveyor of foodstuffs through proprietary online and physical outlets.


Financial services group that designs and implements tailored financial service solutions.


Heating & Cooling

Refrigeration, cold and blast freezer rooms, HVAC & commercial kitchen equipment.






Online Payment Service Provider specialising in payment card processing.


Shared Services

Shared Services unit to support Vanpot group investments.

Investment Strategy

We make deliberate investments to perpetuate our vertically integrated supply chain(s).

Our investments, consisting time, money and infrastructure, are considered and engaged deliberately to ensure the continued development of our cross-industry vertically integrated supply chain. 

Automation and process efficiencies are applied across all operations to ensure scalability, consistency and effective control(s).

Our investments are given the best tools available to ensure their success.  At the heart of these tools lies our investment into our world-class management team.

The Vanpot Management Team takes an active role in the management in each of our investments.