Vanpot Holdings

Our Story

Vanpot Holdings was conceived in the mind of a dreamer with a vision to change the world around him. 

Aligned with the unapologetic hunger for excellence of its founder, Vanpot has developed into a group of companies that lead by example, each known for its industry-leading professionalism and customer-centric service delivery.

The Vanpot group started in 2019 as a special purpose vehicle to consolidate the investments and holdings of its shareholder, Richard Potgieter.

The Vanpot group is known for its high standards which has disrupted a number of well-established industries through legacy challenging service levels and established commercial models.


We take pride in what we do. We are transparent.

We do not accept anything but the best, and why should you?  This belief in only the best, is the cornerstone of our group ethos. 

We are proud to share that we are very deliberate about our choices of staff, equipment, materials, ingredients and processes; we only associated ourselves with the best!  

We embrace transparency.  We believe that it is imperative for anyone dealing with our group to know what they can expect before engaging with us. 

We consider it an honour to deliver to you, our customers, only the finest products and customer experiences.  We promise that we will deliver our products and services in a way and to a standard that we take pride in.